The Copywriter – Mad Men Challenge #3


Julia Bobbin is hosting a Mad Men challenge for the third time, and since I really like that show (the costumes more than the story…) I had to take part in it! I didn’t have much time since I saw her blog post only last week, so I decided to make a dress inspired by the style of the 50’s and 60’s, rather than an exact copy of a costume from the series. Nevertheless, this is what I think I would look like if I were a copywriter like Peggy. 

The dress is made from a table cloth that I bought in a thrift store when I visited my cousin in Finland. It was on sale so it only cost me 1,75€. The pattern is Simplicity 3793, a pattern I’ve used many times before, but this time I added cap sleeves and a loose collar. The dress is fastened with a zipper in the back .


I just love how soft the fabric is and how comfortable this dress is! And the wrinkles you see on the skirt are there because I’ve used it so much these past few days =)

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Norrköping, Sweden

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