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Some weeks ago, me and my sister Lisa went into town to take some new pictures of my 1780’s costume. She got dressed up at home (actually in another outfit, but historical as well) and do I have to say that the people on the bus stared quite a lot…

Anyway, adjacent to one of the old churches in Nyköping there is a house that today serves as a parish house and café, but was originally built in the 1720’s as a private home for one of the priests. I have a special something for this house – I spent some time there as a child, and in my early twenties I worked in the café – so I knew immediately that I wanted to include the house in the photos.

It was quite a chilly day, so Lisa wanted to keep her jacket on while I made all the camera adjustments, as you can see in the picture above.  The broom is unfortunately not from the 1780’s -I made it the same morning with dead branches from the woods. The cap is also made specially for the photo shoot, since I actually didn’t have one before.

Try tying (modern) shoe laces with a corset on… it’s hard!


I think my sister will agree when I say that the most fun was to see the reactions we got from the people passing by. Most people just stared, probably wondering what we were up to, but one woman with a small child stopped for quite a long chat, and the little girl was really excited and thought that my sister looked so pretty. A fairy tale coming true? One young man took a photo (in secret…) and an older woman said some really kind words when passing by. And I made a new friend this day! He stopped by and all three of us had a really long talk, and this spontaneous chat actually resulted in a new friendship!


The result of the photoshoot will be displayed in the upcoming exhibition I’m working on, and on this blog of course. All in good time!



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  • Cousin Karin says:

    Alltså di där dörrarna! Så snygg färg! Och den på innergården med järnbeslagen, oh ah. Snygga kläder också, med modärn jacka och allt! :) Vi får göra nåt liknande i Åbo nån gång och ta bussen till slottet med dig i någon historisk dräkt, så får vi se om finländarna är lika pratglada som svenskarna!

    • Miss Sophie says:

      Åh, jag har ju storslagna planer på en specifik dräkt jag ska sy för att fotografera på Åbo slott, det är bara kostnaderna som sätter stopp just för tillfället. Vore verkligen intressant att se hur Åboborna reagerar =)

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