Dressing the Tudors

This weekend it was finally time for “Dressing the Tudors” – workshops and seminars about Tudor clothing together with the authors of the book Tudor Tailor that I bought almost 10 years ago. It all started with a demonstration – what would a lady at the Elizabethan court wear in 1603? She started off with quite an informal outfit – a waistcoat, an open gown, a silk skirt and an apron. After getting some help from the silk dealer, she was ready for the masked ball.


Later this weekend followed four workshops. “Gather thy thoughts” was the first one. On how to use pictures, extant garments and documentary evidence to recreate Tudor garments.

Jane Malcolm-Davies on documentary evidence from the Tudor period

The second workshop was called “Cut thy cloth” – on how to lay out your pattern pieces in the most economical and Tudor way. Piecing is the Tudor thing!


Next came “Spend thy shillings”. On Tudor and modern material. What to use and where to find it. I just loved this project plan below!


Finally it was time for “Slash thy sleeves” – on how to pink and stamp your fabric to create that unique Tudor look.

Ninya Mikhaila is demonstrating different pinking methods

All in all I had a really good time. Some things I already knew, but some thing were completely knew, especially the last workshop that included several techniques that I had never tried before. Now I’m looking forward to their next book, “Typical Tudors” – on how common Tudor people dressed. Until then I have a “white cottoned waistcoat” to finish!

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