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This is the result of my latest project: a dress made from a Vintage Vogue pattern (V2787). I’ve used this pattern before and since I’ve got time to get used to it I think this dress turned out better than the last one.


There is a 1940’s sew-along that I wanted to take part in: “Sew for victory” hosted by Lucky Lucille, and that encouraged me to make this dress. Well, to be honest, I bought the fabric last summer and was already determined to use this pattern together with this fabric, but sometimes you need a little push to get started…


The back of the dress – not as amazing as the front, but in this case I blame the pattern =P


The hat and shoes was borrowed from my sister, Lisa (or Lizzie J as you can read about in the post below.)

MissSophiesAtelier_Vogue48_4Photos by Gerd Jansson

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