För dig som missade utställningen “Född i fel tid” i Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping ges nu en ny chans att ta del av en något förminskad utställning – denna gång i samband med kulturveckan vid Prosten Pihls Gård vid Alla Helgona kyrka i Nyköping. Utställningen pågår 18-24 augusti och har öppet måndag, tisdag, onsdag och fredag kl 13.00-15.30, samt torsdag kl 17-19. Fri entré. Välkommen!

There is a new chance to see my exhibition “Born in the wrong era”! This time in Galleri Stallet, Prosten Pihls gård, Nyköping. No entrance fee. Welcome!

Miss Sophie on the radio

Two weeks ago I was interviewed on the radio about my exhibition in Gamla Linköping open-air museum. It was broadcast live, but can still be heard on the radio website, just follow this link or click on the picture below. Perhaps I should mention that it’s in swedish…

The grand opening!


Last Saturday was the opening day for my exibition in Gamla Linköping open-air museum! The exhibition is called “Född i fel tid” (“Born in the wrong era”) and in it you can see some of my historical garments and photographs. My inspiration is the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen, where the main character wishes that he was born in the 1920’s, instead of living in the present era.

The idea of an exhibition was born a year ago when I helped my cousin with her exhibition in Pargas, Finland. I liked the idea of having a little space of my own to show some of my creations. And I’ve actually planned and executed exhibitions before, since it was an important part of my education as culture and media producer.


Lots of stuff in the car when we arrived at the museum on the opening day… The red building is called “Curmanska magasinet” and when you pass through the doors, my exibition is on your right hand side.


The finishing touch: putting up the signs – two hours before the opening…


Making sure that the TV and the movie is working.

This last autumn, my friend Stina and I made a short movie with one of my Regency dresses. We have been making films together for more than ten years now and this time we wanted to make a movie that shows just how beautiful autumn colours can be. My sister Lisa was kind enough to be in front of the camera and she did a marvellous job!


I bought mead (non-alchoholic) and lingonberry juice from the general store in the museum…


… and served together with home made historically inspired canapés. I found some old recipies that I just had to try: ham and herbs in puff paste (a recipie from 1664, originally named “Een Skincka in uthi een Pastey”), and mini pies with saffron (15th century or so recipie).


But the most unusual recipie I tried was from 1609: carrots filled with hard-boiled eggs, almonds and raisins.


Family, friends and colleagues were there, as well as other interested people! Big thanks to all of you!


And here you can see some more of the exhibition, my dress from 1780’s and my green medieval kirtle.


A journalist and a photographer from the local newspaper showed up, and here I am – posing in my tricorne hat together with my early 1960’s dress. Definitely born in the wrong era!

The exhibition is open every day, Mon-Fri 10-17 and Sat-Sun 11-16, until 8 June. No entrance fee! And did I mention that Gamla Linköping open-air museum is a gorgeous place?!

Big thanks to Gamla Linköping open-air museum, and to my family and friends for all your help and advice! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Photos by Fride Jansson and Lisa Jansson

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Norrköping, Sweden

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