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Min goda filmarvän Stina och jag har länge grunnat på ett nytt filmprojekt, och när så äntligen idéerna började spruta dröjde det inte länge förrän Lizzie J. hoppade ombord.

En lagom mulen dag i oktober ägde själva filminspelningen rum. Vi höll till i Nyköping, på samma gård där jag tidigare fotograferat Lizzie J. i samma utstyrsel som hon ses bära på bilden ovan (undantaget de moderna accessoarerna som fingervantarna och sjalen, dessa var endast till för att hon inte skulle frysa allt för mycket – det var en lång dag!)

My dear friend Stina and I have for a long time wanted to make a new movie and when we finally came up with an idea it didn’t take long before Lizzie J. wanted to be a part of the project. 

We shot the movie a cloudy day in October. We went to the same house in Nyköping where Lizzie J. and I took some pictures to the exhibition, and she wore the same clothes (well, the mittens and the scarf were used only to keep her warm – it was a long day!)

Filmn_3Photo: Lizzie J

Vi vill med filmen undersöka hur livet för en piga arbetande i en tämligen rik stadsgård kunde se ut under slutet av 1700-talet. Kanske behövde hon ta hand om de äpplen som växte på gårdens träd?

The aim with the movie is to examine how everyday life could be for a maid in a fairly rich city house in the end of the 18th century. Perhaps one of her dutys was to take care of the apples in the autumn?

Filmn_2Photo: Lizzie. J

I en scen som vi filmade håller pigan på att skura fönster. I bilden ovan kan du se hur Stina och jag såg ut under tagningen…

Nu återstår efterarbetet innan filmen släpps på en videokanal nära dig!

In one scene the maid is cleaning the windows. In the picture above you can see what Stina and I looked like during the take… 

Now only post production remains before you can watch the movie somewhere on the Internet!


Guest post: Meet Lizzie J.

Hello all you lovely visitors of Miss Sophie’s Atelier!

This is my letter to you, me being one of Miss Sophie’s friends, where I tell you a little bit about myself.  In my everyday life, my name is Lisa and I’m Sofia’s younger sister, but on this page, you will more frequently get to meet my alter ego, Lizzie J. She’s the woman you see gazing into the distance in the photos, popping up in different times and locations, wearing beautiful historical costumes.


Eliza Bennet… ehm, I mean, Lizzie J

I share my sister’s interest in costume history and have done so for a long time. In high school, I wrote a paper on women’s fashion history during the 20th century. In my teens I sewed some garments that I’m still very proud of, among them a 1950’s dress. I’ve also learnt the hard way what hard work lies behind a readymade garment. To my prom, I sewed a Titanic-inspired evening gown, which, I fear, wouldn’t have been finished in time, had it not been for my sister and her ability keep cool and sew on, and to attach reluctant buttons and bows to a slippery fabric.


The Titanic-inspired evening gown I wore to prom. I can only take credit for the front, since my sister helped me with the back. She also made the reticule, which was the Edwardian equivalent of a hand bag.  

Even though other interests now occupy my time, I’m very happy that my sister has the talent and patience required to turn pieces of fabric into lovely creations. For me, you see, that means that I occasionally get to wear the results! And that’s something that I really enjoy, as you hopefully will be able to see in the photos of me.


Going a bit anachronistic in between takes

Except for modelling, I’ve been my sisters “right hand” in this enterprise, when it comes to discussing ideas as well as trying new things at photo shoots. I’ve helped out where I’ve been needed, sometimes in front of the camera and sometimes behind it.


Miss Sophie having a cup of tea in the garden. On this occasion, I was behind the camera.

When I’m not working with Miss Sophie, I’m studying ethnology and I am currently writing a paper on superheroes. I share my sisters’ passions for tea and history and I love to just walk around in old cities with old buildings, IRL as well as in videogames, for instance Assassin’s Creed II, where you jump around rooftops in renaissance Italy.

Bad jokes, books and board games are things I refuse to live without, as well as singing, learning languages and countryside walks.


Now you know a bit more about me. You’ll probably see more of me in photos to come. Or who knows, perhaps we’ll run into each other on a renaissance fair in the summer!

Yours etc.

Lizzie J


P.S. Considering the name and the picture, it hardly comes as any surprise that Jane Austen is on the list of my top-ten favorite authors. I’m currently reading Persuasion for a book club meeting in two weeks. Can’t wait! And for those of you who have not yet seen Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the Emmy-award winning modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Congratulations! 100 episodes of greatness await you!

P.P.S. Actually, I don’t have a list of favorite authors. But if I did, Jane Austen would most certainly be on it! As would the brilliant Irish author Marian Keyes, for that matter.


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